HONIARA, (SOLOMON STAR)—The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) is concerned with the intention of the government to suspend Facebook.
MASI, in a statement, has reminded government that it will be removing a basic right of all Solomon Islanders to speak or write freely.
MASI, therefore, joins other stakeholders in calling on the government to reconsider its decision to suspend Facebook.
Whilst MASI was established first and foremost to fulfill these objectives:
*Encourage industry members to operate at the highest standards of journalistic ethics and reporting
*The promotion, observance, and protection of human rights and liberties including the protection of the rights to information and the maintenance of media freedoms in the Solomon Islands.
*Facilitate and strengthen positive relations with the public, community groups, government and NGO’S, and industry
*Promote interests and improve the welfare and rights of individuals and organizations in the media industry
*Establish MASI as a strong, forthright, independent, and viable organization
It is also MASI’s role to ensure that all Solomon Islanders are ensured their basic rights as enshrined in our country’s constitution.
And MASI will continue to provide strong leadership and to support members of the media industry, its stakeholders, and the community to provide up-to-date, quality news and information to all Solomon Islanders without fear or favor.
In this regard, MASI believes there is no difference between ‘Freedom of Expression and Media Freedom’.
MASI however remains objective to the fact that the government is yet to enforce the Facebook suspension.
MASI says as a responsible government, consideration should be given for consultations first before collectively agreeing to a decision that will affect the people.
MASI, therefore, encourages Cabinet to reconsider its decision and work in collaboration with everyone to find an amicable solution to the issue at hand…..PACNEWS

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