photo from matson website

Matson released a statement on March 20th that the shipping company will continue to do its regular shipments to all ports as scheduled.

The company was prompted to release statements to address issues that are causing concern for their customers.

The first issue was about rumors circulating rapidly through a text message saying that the shipping company will start cutting back on their services.

Additionally, there was an executive order put in place in the state of California where people are required to stay home as much as possible and for the closure of many businesses. One of the Matson branches is located in Long Shore California.

However, in their recent statement, they are considered an “essential business” that supports the critical transportation infrastructure. Matson will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of their services.

If there are new policies that will affect Matson’s services, they will comply and inform their customers promptly.

Matson carries a variety of items such as household goods, food, construction materials, retail products, and vehicles primarily shipped in huge quantities. Palau has been utilizing Matson’s shipping services and any potential cutbacks will affect Palau. (Telbakes Yano)