On June 19, 2020 the Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) and the Ngaremlengui State Government (NSG) were able to transport and plant 200 Giant Clams in the State’s Conservation Area.  The restocking of the CA was based on a formal request from Ngaremlengui’s Governor Vogt. 

The state was able to purchase 100 clams from a clam farm with the other 100 matched by the Bureau’s own inventory of giant clams.  The State Government was also provided with an underwater camera and computer tablet that they will use to monitor the clams as well as track the previously released rabbit fish fries.

Upon receipt of the BMR assistance, a formal Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was to be entered into between the Bureau’s Director Remengesau and Ngaremlengui State Government. In the MOA it states that the NSG conservation rangers be in charge of regular monitoring and active surveillance of the Mecherong marine conservation area to safeguard against poaching. 

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