Mechesil Belau while celebrating its 25th Anniversary this past week, was urged by President Remengesau Jr. to help stop the infighting among clans for clan titles. Women, by tradition, have the responsibility of appointing chiefs of the clans.

“Mechesil Belau has had many accomplishments over its 25 years of existence that have affected positively Palau’s development and progress,” stated Remengesau.

“But one issue I have is the conflict arising from the infighting within clans for titles,” he added. He said it is becoming a common issue where there is more than one person claiming rightful title to the clan and this is causing families to break apart.

He attributes the breakdown in custom and extended family to this infighting amongst families and clans for chiefly titles.

He expressed his concern that the breakdown of families and clans will impact the next generation. And that when people who know right information pass away and infighting break families apart, those with money will take over.

“This is one of those issues that we should not keep sweeping under the carpet because it will later affect our children,” warned Remengesau.

Each year during Mechesil Belau conference, many issues affecting the livelihood of people, from school, to health, to public utilities, to public safety and others are raised and leaders and individuals in charge are grilled and tasked to correct and improve raised concerns.

President Remengesau Jr. urged the women to do something about what he sees as a major challenge facing Palau, a breakdown of families and clans due to fights over chiefly titles. (L.N. Reklai)