WHETHER you want to get in shape, maintain your weight, or just stay healthy, the Melekeok community took it upon themselves to encourage people to work out with other like-minded individuals so as to better meet their exercise goals during summer.

To this end, Omar Faustino and Ray Ongino launched its new ‘Biggest Loser Challenge’.

When the program began, Omar and Ray were on a mission to promote effective  group and personal training services to women and men seeking a better body, mind and spirit. The program provided a wide assortment of activities catering to different levels. The program provided scheduled weekly activities, a work-out calendar, and zumba nights. Nearly 40 participants underwent physical exercise and diet changes with a view to losing weight and becoming healthier overall. The program was three months long, had weekly weigh-ins, and payments of $1 for those who were penalized for missing scheduled weigh-ins and gained a pound during the week.

One of the biggest opportunities of the Biggest Loser Challenge is having an increasingly health-conscious population and society. Recently, more and more persons are becoming conscious about their health and weight,” said Mr. Faustino. Mr. Faustino and Mr. Ongino decided to create and spearhead the ‘Biggest Loser Challenge’ because there is a need for citizens to get healthier. No matter your size, gender, or age, we welcome you. Many times participants join a weight loss program because they aren’t motivated to start a weight loss journey on their own. This program was designed to help each participant stay motivated on their journey. With company, it is believed that persons can stay motivated for longer periods of time,” Omar said.

The progress within three months by the participants was done in particular in hopes of weight loss, but not only that, they were taught about proper diet and exercise and maintenance of their weight loss throughout the course.

One participant in particular rose to the challenge and became Melekeok’s Biggest Loser Challenge Winner, Sheldon Elbelau. He weighed in at 240.6 pounds, and after three months his weight was 208.6. Mr. Elbelau lost exactly 32 pounds. He received a cash prize of $375 at the end of the challenge.

Mr Faustino and Mr. Ongino encourage people to write down their goals, remove junk food from their kitchens and pantries altogether, remain motivated even when the pounds aren’t dropping fast enough, learn how to meal, and get your family and friends on board with a healthy diet and exercise. (PR)