On Friday last week the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ngchesar State Government to formally start the Alii Pass program between PVA and Ngchesar State.

Alii Pass program, previously known as the One Stop Shop program, aims to enhance the State’s attractions such as the Mesekelat Reserve and waterfalls by incorporating eco-friendly activities such as  camping, hiking  and mountain biking trails , improving the trails with signage for various plants ,trees  and markers within the trails.

The path to the waterfalls will be improved as well to allow more accessibility to nature. With all these enhancements the objective of the Alii Pass program is to drive tourism to Ngchesar State.

The objective is also to create a venue where the State Government and the community members directly benefit from tourism.

Ngchesar State is the third state to officially sign on to the Alii Pass program; the first two states were Airai State and Ngarchelog State.

Present at the signing of the MOU were PVA Board of Directors Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl, PVA Managing Director, Stephanie Nakamura, Operations and Programs Director, Kadoi Ruluked and PVA Board Secretary Norma Adelbai.

From the Ngchesar State officials present at the signing were Governor Florencio Adelbai, PAN Coordinator Verano Ngiraikelau, Procurement Officer Chubby Mai, State Office Treasurer Eunice Ngotel, Tourism Representative Christa Eldebechel and Public Works Supervisor Francis Ngotel. (PR)