A traditional installation ceremony was held yesterday at Bai ra Meketii (Koror State Chiefs Bai) for Alexander Merep as Ibedul of Koror.

For the ceremony, the tichiau collected was $20,000 plus 5 Palauan monies.  The 5 Palauan monies were for didellel, kingellel and techel a til. One for didellel, one for kingellel and 3 for techel a til.

The formal presentation took place at Bai ra Meketii and after moved to Rip Tide for the feast.

The Koror chiefs accepted the food from Merep to show their acceptance of him as the new high chief, according to tradition.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for Bilung’s appointee, her son Lebuu Littler to assume the Ibedul title contesting his uncle Alexander Merep’s claim.

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