Awaiting 54 expected absentee ballots from outside

By: L.N. Reklai

May 31, 2016 (Koror) Unofficial results of recently held Kayangel State government general election, showed Midas Ngiracheloulu ahead of incumber Jeffrey Titimel for gubernatorial seat by slim margin of 4 votes (122 to 118), after the central counts were done.  The unofficial results had Ngiracheloulu leading votes in proper by 6 and Timiml leading the Central by 2. Combined total placed Midas ahead by 4.


Unofficial results for the legislature At-Large seats showed Fredrick “Roydan” Renguul leading by 190 votes, followed by Francisca Skiwo with 182, Richard Ngiraked by 177, Jack Ngiraked by 168, Harrington Olebuu with 166, Sukrad Sbal with 164, Ricky Ngiraked with 153, Inawo Sebaklim with 150, Edwin Chiokai with 148, Secundino Edboi with 146, Elmis Ruluked with 140, Sukrad Sbal with 129, Hadley Hesus with 113 and Asailee Yamada with 109.  There were 2 write in, Edward Tadao with 80 and Esichang Takawo with 31 votes.

The above 14 candidates are for vying for 12 seats in the state legislature. Hadley Hesus and Asailee Yamada are placed at 13 and 14 respectively. Sukrad Sbal is currently in 12th place and there are 12 votes between him and Hadley Hesus who is 13th highest vote getter.

According to Election Commission, 54 absentee ballots were sent out and the last day to receive the absentee ballots will be Tuesday June 7, 2016.  [/restrict]