The Micronesia Islands Forum (MIF) office in Palau has now appoint a Regional Invasive Species Coordinator to work with invasive species eradication and management.

Regional Invasive Species Coordinator James Stanford, during the press conference on Wednesday, said that they are now setting up their office which will work with all MIF jurisdictions to strengthen invasive species prevention and management.

Stanford, who has just arrived in Palau last week, will be preparing all the work along with the MIF to open dialogue with jurisdictions, review regional coordination with various partners and potential donors, and develop grant proposals to support invasive species prevention and management efforts in the region.

Stanford has been working in the Pacific region since 2004 as Biosecurity Specialist and Coordinator.

Stanford said that invasive species is a serious problem as it affects people’s health, food security, and the environment, among others.

Other than, invasive species are also impacting the islands’ abilities to deal with climate change. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)