Our Contribution to Education

 With the success of our 2nd Gift for Teaching fundraiser in September this year, and thanks to our major sponsors, Blue Bay Petroleum and IR Motors and business & community partners plus 2,477 friends and families of Milad, we are able to make our donation this year to the Elementary Schools of Aimeliik, Melekeok and Ngaremelengui (3 of Milad’s Children – a Palau Folktale).


For Aimeliik Elementary School, a big THANK YOU to 1LT Breawna Davis and her CAT 84-04 crew for providing labor for the renovation of restroom facilities for the school, Milad covered the cost of materials.

For Melekeok Elementary School, 25 colorful metal chairs for use in their science/computer classroom.

For Ngaremlengui Elementary School, 1 Blackmore 2900 Watt PA Sound System w/2 wireless microphones and an HP DeskJet Wireless 4-in 1, (Wireless, Fax, Copier, Scanner) with a set of ink cartridges.

Again, to our sponsors, friends and families THANK YOU for your continuing support, it has benefited and allowed us to continue this project each year since 2004, and it’s our way of contributing to the Education of our children, says Blanche Salii, President.

A special recognition to Island Times for their publication and coverage of Milad’s activities.

“Our Mission is to promote and nurture the interests of the women and children of Palau towards Education and Health.” [/restrict]