Through the help of the Ministry of Justice, a fundraising event will be held at the roadside of the Didrangmatel Gas Station on November 8, 2019. People can stop by to put down any amount of money that they wish to donate. The proceeds will be used to hopefully get Director Ismael Aguon a new vehicle.

His previous vehicle was set on fire on October 11 by an arsonist whom Director Aguon stated might be linked to an upcoming drug trial. Minister Oilouch had this to say about the matter

“I do not doubt the suspicions of a veteran police officer on the matter and do not wish to make any detailed comments to that effect at this time as it might jeopardize a very serious ongoing investigation. I would say, however, that it is of grave concern if criminals in our midst have become emboldened enough to attack law enforcement officers in this manner. It probably goes to show that Director Aguon is doing a good job as our top drug enforcement officer, which has caused those involved with illicit drugs to try and scare him away from his focus”.

Minister of Justice along with the MOJ Directors, Division Chiefs, and Police Officers are going to continue investigations regarding this matter. Finally they are determined to apprehend the culprit and bring them to justice.