On October 20, 2017, Mr. Flavin Misech was sworn in as new Chief of Division of Immigration, Bureau of Immigration and Labor. Present to witness the swear-in ceremony was Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch, Acting Director Tellei of the Bureau of Immigration and Labor, Acting Director Alonz of the Bureau of Public Safety, Chief Cleophas of the Division of Criminal Investigations (CID), Acting Chief Ngiraked of the Division of Corrections (DOC), colleagues from the Bureau of Labor & Immigration, and the family and friends of the new chief.


Vice President and Minister of Justice Oilouch, Acting Directors and the Chiefs took turns to congratulate Chief Misech for his new position and reminded him of the big responsibility of the office. They also urged all personnel to work together under the new chief in order to perform the tasks effectively and efficiently.

The appointment of Chief Misech to head the Division of Immigration came as no surprise considering he has worked there for about 17 years, half of which time he had served as Acting Director or Acting Chief. As a result, he has all the necessary knowledge and that his colleagues at the Immigration overwhelmingly supported his appointment to the position.

The ceremony concluded with Chief Misech expressing his gratitude to everybody, especially for the trust given to him to head the Division of Immigration, and that he looks forward to the continuation of the work. Chief Misech called for further collaboration and cooperation within the Bureau so as to improve work performance.

The entire Ministry of Justice wishes to congratulate Mr. Misech for his new position as Chief of Immigration. [/restrict]