Miss Guam invites Palau students to GCC.

“I would highly recommend our Palau brothers and sisters to visit GCC campus.  First of all, it’s very affordable and we offer many scholarships specifically for Palauan students,” said Miss Guam 2019 Cyndal Abad, a second year student at Guam Community College promotional event on Sunday at Micronesian Mall in Guam.

Asked what was special about GCC, Ms. Guam 2019 Abad said the college offered so many courses and students can graduate with two degrees in just two years.  “Many of my friends and I are graduating with double majors,” expressed Ms. Abad.

“In addition, many of the courses here can be transferred to University of Guam as well as other universities abroad and in the United States,” added Abad.

Miss Guam 2019 explained that one unique aspect of GCC is that it is very hands on and every department regardless of whether its criminal justice, marketing or tourism, will help students find jobs in those areas of interests.

“All the hours you work at the job goes toward your degree and that’s good because you already start building your resume,” stated Miss Guam 2019 Cyndal Abad.

Ms. Abad will be graduating this December with double majors in Marketing and in Digital Photography.  She said she just recently returned from JATA promotion in Japan this month where she met the Palauan delegation and was looking forward to visiting Palau.

Guam Community College  in Guam is a two-year college that provides both career and technical workforce development with little over 1,700 enrolled students this year.  (L.N. Reklai)