May 4, 2017 Koror, Palau:  After hosting a regional meeting that took place in Palau for the first time in the GEF Pacific Constituency, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism focused its efforts on hosting Palau’s first GEF National Dialogue.  The National Dialogue took place on May 3-4 and provided an opportunity for all stakeholders from the national government to state governments, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and the private sector to discuss ways to improve collaboration and coordination in the projects and programs across the country.


The National Dialogue promotes in-depth understanding of the GEF’s strategic directions, policies and procedures; strengthens country coordination and ownership of GEF operations and sharing lessons learned from project implementation; achieves greater mainstreaming of GEF activities into national panning frameworks, strategies, coordination and synergies; and aligns national priorities to GEF 7.

Senator Frank Kyota who chairs the Senate Committee on Resources, Commerce, Trade & Development, closed the meeting by emphasizing that, “As policy makers, we need to fully understand the actions that are needed to improve coordination and strengthen our collective efforts to effectively address our national priorities.”

Senator Kyota stated that, “It is essential that we put in place more integrated management schemes which would allow important players to actively take part in decision making, from national government, state governments, traditional leaders, NGOs, CBOs to the private sector.”

The National Dialogue supported by the GEF Secretariat and member countries can utilize the opportunity to build national capacity and better understand the link from global commitments to local implementation. [/restrict]