Foundations for the Sea or the Okeanos Foundation is bringing a modernized traditional double hulled open ocean canoe- Vaka Motu to Palau by summer of 2018.

A memorandum of understanding last week was signed between Palau and the foundation after consultation with the local and national officials here of the potential use of the fossil free Vaka.


Okeanos was one of the international organization which participated in the three-day energy summit and shared their expertise during the discussion of the action plan to help the country shift to cleaner energy.

Okeanos’ Vaka Moto can  carry a maximum of twelve people and three tons of cargo. These canoes can navigate in very shallow waters and access land where there are no jetties.

The Vaka uses wind as their primary source of power, and when an engine is needed, it runs on coconut oil.

According to the MOU the Vaka will be provided to Palau at no cost and will partner and hire a local crew and operators to establish an island base limited business. The foundation will pay for the salaries and training and the aim is for the Vaka to be integrated in the local community’s sea transportation and eventually make revenues for the salaries,  operating costs and cost of the construction of the vessel at a depreciated rate.

The MOU also said whatever revenues made from the Vaka stays in Palau and no revenue will go to the foundation.

Okeanos has brought Vaka Motu in Vanuatu and the Marshall Islands recebtly. [/restrict]