Twenty-two higher and technical education officials representing 17 countries attended the 2018 Workshop on Administrative Management of Higher and Technical Education that was held in Taiwan, Republic of China on April 12-25, 2018.

Mr. Raynold Mechol, Chief of School Management, represented Palau Ministry of Education in the workshop. The workshop was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and organized by the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) of the Republic of China.

The workshop comprised of seminars, study visits, cultural tours, and a forum on internalization of higher and technical education. The workshop participants also presented country reports highlighting their systems including challenges and selected case studies. Through these workshop activities, the participants gained deeper understanding of Taiwan education system including progress made and current challenges. The key topics of discussion focused on strategic approaches for strengthening internationalization of higher and technical education, promoting research and innovation, building robust education-industry collaboration, strengthening institutional and program accreditation, and enhancing teacher development. Many aspects of education development in Taiwan were observed particularly in the area of higher and technical education. Long-range visioning and planning, commitment, hard work, adequate resourcing, and cooperation between education institutions and industries have resulted with much success in the education and training sector.

The workshop concluded with presentations of group reports outlining how lessons learned would be utilized in participating countries to advance higher and technical education. A formal closing ceremony was then held to recognize participants for their achievements. In the closing ceremony, Chief Mechol of Palau and a Swaziland representative were awarded the outstanding workshop participant awards. Finally, Chief Mechol was accorded the distinct honor of delivering a few remarks on behalf of the workshop participants.