The Ministry of Education issued a press release on July 8 outlining measures schools will take to prepare for potential COVID cases in Palau.

The MOE announced that public schools will start the upcoming school year on August 3, and that orientation for 1st and 9th graders will be held on July 31. In keeping with the compressed work week schedule adopted by the executive branch of the government, for the time being schools will have full class days Monday through Thursday, and half-days on Friday. Students will return home Friday afternoons after lunch.

In light of the school closures and remote learning practiced during the last few months of school year 2019-2020, the MOE stressed that schools should be prepared to adopt these measures again should the virus reach Palau. To help with this preparation, the 26th Education Convention, held on July 15-16 at the Ngracghamayong Cultural Center, will focus on technology education and online learning. The convention will include teachers from private and public schools, and will involve professional development sessions and presentations delivered by teachers who successfully used online platforms such as ZOOM to teach classes during last year’s school closure. 

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