By: L.N. Reklai

July 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau)  A visiting team of doctors from E-DA Hospital of Taiwan, arrived in Palau to plan a Medical Internship program between Ministry of Health and E-DA Hospital.

The Medical Internship program is intended to assist Palauan students that graduate from I-Shou Medical University of Taiwan obtain the required internship before pursuing residency required to become a full fledged specialized doctor.


This year, the top two graduating students of the I-Shou Medical University were Palauan students, Samantha Olkeriil who was the valedictorian and Rilang Pedro as salutatorian.

The internship program is to allow them as well as other graduating Palauan medical students in the future to gain internship in Palau.  One year internship is required by Taiwan government for any medical student pursuing a specialized field as well as one year residency.

The program which is still to be hammered out today generally will allow doctors such as Olkeriil and Pedro to practice and intern in Palau with E-DA doctors rotating in every month to work with them, monitor them and train them in specific field of medicine.  While here in Palau during each month period, the specialized doctors will also treat Palauan patients.

“This would be a win-win-win situation,” stated Dr. Tao-Qian (James) Tang who was one of the E-Da team members. “The intern doctors get the opportunity to learn and practice, Palauan patients get expert medical service from the visiting specialists and Palau will save money from not having to send people overseas for costly medical care,” added Dr. Tang.

Minister Dr. Emais Roberts expressed his appreciation for the care that I-Shou University extended to Palauan students.  Moreover, he stated that he was quite impressed with level of quality of education of I-Shou Medical University as well as the impressive E-Da Hospital during his first visit last month to I-Shou and E-Da.

“We also thank you especially today, helping to save one of our people’s life,” declared Minister Roberts.

Dr. Yuan-Kun Tan, the Superintendent E-Da Hospital and Vice Chairman of Medical Decision Committee of E-DA Healthcare Group stated that during his last visit to Palau, they had promised to continue to provide patient care and they kept their promises.

“Palau has also helped us, especially standing up for us at WHO. We also thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” expressed Dr. Tan.

“We will never forget our friendship. Our friendship is base on continuity and persistence. We keep our promises,” added Dr. Tan.

I-Shou University and E-Da Hospital are parts of the E-United Group, founded by Board Chairman

Mr. I-Shou Lin.  I-Shou University and E-Da Hospitals represent only 3% of the $70 billion annual income of E-United Group.  Medical services were established in honor of Mr. I-Shou Lin’s mother, demonstrating Mr. Lin’s philosophy. [/restrict]