January 12, 2018- The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to recognize & congratulate nine of its medical staff members who recently completed the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training: Dr. Sylvia Osarch, Dr. Yuriko Bechesrrak, Dr. Catherine Decherong, Dr. Jula Donesa, Dr. Florian Canaveral, Dr. Samantha S. Olkeriil, Registered Nurse Nyacinth Balagat, Registered Nurse Jasmin Estrada, and Registered Nurse Shari Megreos.


ACLS is an advanced form of Basic Life Support (BLS) usually applied in clinical settings or by medical professionals. Participants of the training learned how to properly apply ACLS algorithmssets of clinical interventionsin cases of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other life-threatening medical emergencies.

The training was offered to health care providers (doctors & nurses) currently employed at the Belau National Hospital. Instructors for the training were Dr. Myra Adelbai-Fraser, Dr. Scott Dougherty, Dr. Cedric J. Isip, and Nurse Kimberly T. Idip. The instructors were certified as ACLS Trainers in November of last year.

The ACLS Instructors would like to thank Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Andreas Stiller, the Medical Officer for the Palau Civic Action Team 133-27 (CAT Palau 133-27), for facilitating the training on the first day. Another ACLS Training has been scheduled for the hospital’s staff at the end of this month. [/restrict]