The Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted Tuberculosis screening for its employees after a policy requiring it was signed by Health Minister Emais Roberts on December 15, 2017.

The policy requires healthcare workers, whether regular employees, trainees, volunteers, and students who work closely in areas or with persons who may be infected with tuberculosis, to be regularly screened and also to require MOH applicants to be screened for tuberculosis prior to hiring.   


The policy has been implemented in order to minimize the spread of the disease.

Tuberculosis is a disease that usually affects the lungs. People who are sick with tuberculosis may show symptoms such as a bad cough that may last two to three weeks or longer; chest pain; coughing up of blood or sputum/phlegm; weakness or fatigue; weight loss; lack of appetite; chills; fever; and night sweats. The Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) at the Ministry of Health offers free screening for tuberculosis. (PR) [/restrict]