In collaboration with Koror State Government, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has organized a town hall meeting in Ngermid this Friday 6pm to address the ongoing rise of Dengue fever.

The MOH released a statement requesting all the residents to attend the meeting to discuss how the spread of dengue can be prevented. This will include session on ways to eliminate mosquito breeding sites around the hamlets.

The meeting will be held at Taoch ra Mechang and on Saturday this week a community cleanup drive will be conducted at Ngerchemai, Ngerkesoaol, Idid and Ngermid.

MOH report states 29 cases were recorded from August 5 to 11 and in total there have been 486 cases of dengue since outbreak that was declared in December last year.

The highest dengue infected nationality are Palauans with 413 cases out of 486 cases up till now which makes 85% of it, according to the demographics released by MOH.

The highest number of dengue cases were recorded in Koror with a total of 366 cases up till now. The month of July saw 143 dengue cases out of which 107 were recorded in Koror.

The total number of cases in Airai up till now is 38, 29 in Aimelik, 11 in Melekeok, 7 in Ngaremlengui and Ngatpang, 5 in Peleliu and Ngarchelong, 2 in Ngchesar, 3 in Ngaraard and 1 in Ngardmau.

There are reports of 28 Bangladeshis infected with dengue, 19 Filipinos, 10 Chinese and 16 cases include other nationalities.

MOH is urging the public to practice the recommended 3S of Dengue Prevention. The ministry recommends searching and eliminating mosquito-breeding sites in and around your home as mosquitoes prefer to breed within or near places where humans live. Common breeding sources include old tires, pet dish pans, flower pots, and empty bottles.

The MOH has also recommended wearing clothing that covers your skin and using insect repellent on exposed skin can reduce your risk of infection.

Those who are facing the early symptoms of Dengue like sudden high fever, severe headache & backache, chills, body ache, joint and muscle pain, pain when moving your eyes, loss of appetite, and vomiting are urged to consult the hospital as soon as possible. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)