By: L.N. Reklai

January 17, 2018 (Koror, Palau) “Good health is wellness whereas sickness is bad health. This Year of Good Health, we want to shift our resources and activities to concentrate on healthy people in order to reduce number of people who can become sick,” stated Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts about the recent declaration, Year of Good Health.


Currently, about $3 million a year is spent on only 10% of the population for medical referrals. 80% of resources is spent on the sick and dying and very little is spent on keeping people healthy, according to Minister Dr. Emais Roberts.

“It has to be at policy level, to shift resources to wellness,” he added.

Minister Roberts added that good health cross all sectors and they will work to involve all other ministries, agencies, communities to implement activities in support of good health.

Improving and equipping community health centers is another objective that will implement the Year of Good Health policy said Minister Roberts.

Early detection and prevention will reduce the number of people getting admitted or getting referred overseas.  Having doctors or nurses easily accessible within communities is part of that implementation plan.

Dr. Roberts added that were looking at providing a one-time free check up to everybody to get everyone on board. Other activities being planned include community-wide kebeas eradication project.

Ministry of Health, as part of the Year of Good Health, they intend repaint the entire hospital by December of 2018.

Work is under way to identify and come up with list of event in every ministry  that would incorporate good health activities.

“Healthy individuals make up healthy families, healthy families make up healthy communities and healthy communities make up a healthy nation” states the Presidential Proclamation 18-227. [/restrict]