June 22, 2017- A delegation of doctors from Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital is currently in Palau for the 2017 Shin Kong Medical Mission. The mission supports Palau’s efforts to improve its quality of healthcare & medical services by providing consultation in specialized fields of medicine. A specialty clinic overseen by the doctors is being held at the Belau National Hospital from June 15, 2017 to June 27, 2017.


The doctors will be providing medical consultation in the areas of dermatology, gastroenterology, and nephrology (skin, stomach/liver/intestines, and kidneys). Doctors involved with this year’s medical mission are Dr. Kelly Haw-Yueh Thong, Dr. Jung-Hui Hsu, Dr. Chung-Kuan Wu, and Nurse Yu-Ting Chen. They are accompanied by Shin Kong International Health Center Coordinators Ms. Ni-Shan Chen and Ms. Ching-Hwa Lin as well as Volunteer Doctor Wei-Hsiang Su.

Shin Kong Hospital is a renowned medical facility in the Republic of China—Taiwan with specialty departments in over forty medical fields. The hospital is a strong supporter of international patients and is currently in a partnership with the Belau National Hospital. For over ten years, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital has been actively providing the Republic of Palau with long-term as well as short-term medical support through actions such as the medical missions. Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital has also been supportive of the educational pursuits of Palauan students who are interested in the medical field.

In addition to the doctors involved in the 2017 Shin Kong Mission to Palau, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital sent an Infection Control Doctor to assist with Palau’s current outbreak of Dengue Fever. Dr. Chien-Hsien Huang specializes in the fields of clinical infection, microbiology, tuberculosis, AIDS, and nosocomial infection control. His expertise will be utilized in reviewing Palau’s Dengue cases and treatment process. He will also provide consultation regarding communicable diseases as well as continuing education lectures for the MOH Medical Staff.

Taiwan has also assisted Palau with its Dengue Fever prevention by donating mosquito repellants and IV Pumps last month. Dr. Huang also donated two (2) mosquito nets and a mosquito swatter.

The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health expresses its welcome to the 2017 Shin Kong Mission Delegation and Dr. Huang. Thank you for your continued support of Palau’s community and health! [/restrict]