Ministry of Justice recalled its rotation policy for directors of divisions under the Bureau of Public Safety.  It also appointed a new interim public information officer.

MOJ’s Administrative Directive No. 2023-001, which mandated a temporary rotation of division chiefs within the Bureau of Public Safety, was recalled on May 9, 2023, and the division chiefs returned to their original posts.

Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior, said that the recall was based on the recommendation of the new Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Cary Levitre.

In her statement recalling the policy, she said that “each Division’s mandate and scope of responsibility contributes an intrinsic, necessary function to the overall success of the Bureau…and because of the heightened importance of the Divisions’ Chiefs, each Chief shall return to his/her original post as outline in this policy.”

Also, in the recall memo, it stated that the rotation policy was the “policy of the Ministry of Justice, through His Excellency, President Surangel Whipps Jr.”

The policy was unpopular amongst the chiefs and received criticism from the Senators.  It was not considered illegal according to the legal opinion issued by the Attorney General.

Returning to their original posts, Chief Kenny Sengebau returned to the Division of Transnational Crime, Chief Temdik Ngirblekuu to the Division of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection, Chief Cheory Cleophas to the Division of Criminal Investigation, Chief Flavian Ngiramengior to the Division of Patrol, Chief Jefferson Eriich to Division of Fire and Rescue, Chief Sanya Olkeriil to Division of Juvenile Justice and Chief Ricky Ngiraked to the Division of Corrections.

In addition, Vice President Senior appointed Asterio Takashi as the interim Public Information Officer for the Office of the Vice President/Minister of Justice.  The interim PIO role will be in addition to Mr. Takashi’s current role as the Special Assistant to the Office of the Vice President.  Mr. Takashi holds a law degree with “extensive experience as a criminal defense lawyer and case prosecutor.”

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