The Angel Center – School of Pacific will be conducting field trips and art and crafts summer program.

A bird-house making will be conducted by the Angel Center and the Civic Action Team (CAT) ON May 28 and 30 and also on June 2 while a Father’s Day workshop on traditional sear making will also be held on June 4 and 6 at the Bital Ked, Idid Hamlet, Topside, Koror.

Between June 8-July 13, summer classes on Arts and Crafts including healthy cooking and organic gardening sessions are slated every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm and at 2-5pm on Sundays unless there is a field trip with the PALAU Explorers program which is usually in morning hours between July 14 to September 9, 2019.

“We plan to explore different places, states and islands in Palau, hike and swim in different waterfalls, go by a motor boat, also paddle and kayak to different locations, fly with PMA, and many greater adventures,” the Angel Center said.

Those who want to become a member of The Angel Center are urged to sign up as soon as possible.The donation fee is just $10 per year and $2 per session, or $30 per year for an individual or $50 per family of four. Those who will sign up will get a neon green Palau Explorer long sleeve shirt.

How to get to The Angel Center

The Angel Center is located on top side Koror in Bital Ked, Idid Hamlet. When the Kwik Mart Store on Main street is on your left please turn right at that store and drive downhill, long before the Catholic Cemetery are wooden colorful fences, small house and colorful sign of the Angel Center.

Additional Information

The plan for May, June and July:  on May 22nd, May 24th, 2019: pottery clay workshop sign and if you like to stay and do your pottery clay art – from 3-5pm. On May 28 and 30th we will do the pottery clay as well as have some sewing class to create bags-goes-bags for our new wooden game competition as well as we will have the competition of two teams to aim and toss the newly made bags. On Sunday June 2nd we will have Civic Action Team (CAT) to come to the Angel Center to help us and teach how to create a bird house (already 3rd session and last) and paint the bird houses, too. (PR)