PHS Students pose with PPUC’s Auto-Mechanic Shop Supervisor, Staff, and HR Assistant

Four more Palau High School (PHS) students will start their internship at PPUC’s auto- mechanic shop on Monday March 4, 2019 as part of their Work-Based Activity or Practicum.

The students are Kobe Renguul, Christopher Suzuki, Ender Giramur, and Laban Derlon.

The students attended a short orientation where they had a chance to meet their department manager and immediate supervisor on February 27, 2019.

At the orientation, HR Assistant Mariah Okada gave them a brief overview of the corporation to include its structure and general rules and policies. Okada stressed that they will be treated as PPUC employees therefore they must abide by established personnel regulations such as reporting to work on time and safeguarding PPUC’s image.

At the end of their internship, they are required to provide a brief presentation on new insights and skills acquired during their time here at PPUC. We are happy to host these additional students and wish them luck throughout their internship. (PR)