The Hatohobei State Government and HWA signed a Memorandum Of Understanding to set forth the terms and understanding partnership between each parties and  

[restrict] Hatohobei State Government to assist HWA in its Taro Patch Clearing and Replanting Project aimed at increasing food security of the people of Hatohobei Island.

HWA has made some progress in this project but still has some work to be done. So, in the MOU both parties agrees to hire at least seven (7) workers to be employed by the States Government, to help keep this project moving forward and to sustain the efforts for the benefit of the people and the State. Participating workers will start on June 9, 2017, and will continue the cleaning and maintenance of the Taro Patch area every Friday, after the close of the Grant of HWA as part of the States effort to increase and secure the food resource for the people. [/restrict]