By: L.N. Reklai

September 22, 2016 (Koror) With national primary election 4 days away, other state elections are dwarfed by comparison.

This national primary will have 2 smaller elections conducted with it.  One is a primary election of Ngardmau State governor and the other is election of legislator of Meketii hamlet of Koror State.


Ngardmau State constitution requires a primary election if three or more candidates file for office of governor.  This year, three candidates have filed for office of governor including incumbent governor Victor Renguul Masahiro, Ngardmau State legislator Blesoch Adelkeroi, and former legislator Bradley Kumangai.

Ngardmau State government general election will be conducted with the national general election in November.

In addition, one representative is sought among 6 candidates to complete the term of former Meketii representative Augusto Ngirmang who passed away recently.

The six candidates include Kenjiro Dengokl, Don Bukurrou, Vernice Ngirkelau, Andres Ngirkelau, Calvin Ikesiil and Jerald Tulop.

The election for a legislator of Meketii hamlet of Koror State is to take place during the national primary election this September 27th.  [/restrict]