By: L.N. Reklai

Island countries of Nauru and Kiribati join northern pacific islands regional group, the Micronesia Presidents’ Summit as members for the first time during the recently concluded 18th Micronesia Presidents’ Summit held in the Republic of the Marshall Islands this February 2018.

The inclusion of the two Micronesian countries was called a “historic” development by the other Micronesian leaders.


President Hilda Heine of RMI, host of the 19th MPS expressed that “the voice of Micronesia is now complete with inclusion of Nauru and Kiribati”.

The heads of states of island countries urged closer collaboration and exchange of information on common issues identified.

One such issues is the growing effect of Non-communicable diseases that’s claiming lives prematurely in each of the member nation and impact of health cost associated with non-communicable diseases.

Presidents declared Year 2018 to be the “Year of Good Health”, focusing on preventive care to save people’s lives and reduce growing cost of health care.

In the signed Communique, leaders of five island nations, agreed to focus on ongoing priority issues such as Air Services and Upper Airspace Management, Micronesian Transnational Crime Unit, Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport, Micronesian Trade and Economic Community, Bulk Purchasing of fuel and pharmaceutical supplies and Micronesian Regional Vocational Center.

Palau’s offer to host 19th MPS in 2019 was welcomed by the Presidents. [/restrict]