Koror, Palau—On June 30, Palau Conservation Society (PCS) received a $500 check donation from National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) to support conservation. At the NDBP office in Airai, CEO Ms. Claire Harvey was on hand to present their donation to PCS. She expressed that their donation was a no brainer because she is a true believer of the importance of protecting our natural resources. NDBP’s has programs such as the Energy Efficiency Subsidy Program that promotes the environmentally friendly practice of energy efficiency to new home owners.  


The month of June marks 23 years of PCS as a non-profit organization for conservation. In celebrating their 23rd anniversary, PCS launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for their on-going projects throughout Palau. NDBP is among a few local businesses in Palau who has donated in support to PCS.

With the challenges facing Palau’s environment, it will take everyone to do their part. PCS would like to express sincere appreciation for the support of NDBP and everyone who has stepped up to support them in achieving their vision of “Healthy Ecosystems for a Healthy Palau”. For more info on how to support or donate to PCS please contact 488-3993 or email gsaiske@palauconservation.org [/restrict]