The National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC), in collaboration with the Rubekul Belau and the Palau Conservation Consortium, will be hosting Palau’s 1st National Environment Symposium on August 23-24, 2016.   The theme of the Symposium is “Our Environment, Our Home, Our Future: OUR PALAU.”     The symposium will be held at Ming’s Restaurant at Palasia Hotel , and the public is invited to attend.


The Symposium will highlight two important points: 1) Our environment is an important part of who we are as a people and as a nation; and 2) taking care of it requires our collective effort to ensure that we continue to have this environment for future generations of Palauans.

The goal of this Symposium is to create a forum for various conservation groups, national leaders, and community members to come together to discuss the major successes and challenges facing Palau’s environment today. The Symposium will provide an opportunity to detail clear priorities and actions needed to address the challenges that Palau faces in the coming years.

The National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC), created by Executive Order No. 350, is tasked to identify and prioritize national environmental issues in the context of sustainable development within the Republic of Palau.  NEPC is chaired by Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism (MNRET). Members of the NEPC include directors and heads of the different agencies of the government and government corporations.

The Palau Conservation Consortium is a group of conservation practitioners that share the common interest of protecting Palau’s environment for today and future generations.   NEPC, Rubekul Belau and Palau Conservation Consortium joined together to host this important symposium because of their common interest in protecting Palau’s environment for today and future generations.

For more information about the National Environment Symposium or the NEPC, please contact Charlene Mersai, National Environment Coordinator & Secretariat of the National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) at Office: 767-8638, Cell:  775-8955, or email:[/restrict]