ALOFI, 06 JULY 2017 (PACNEWS) — The Government of Niue has announced an NZD$80 (US$58) departure tax on all airline passengers from 01 July 2017.

A government notice said the new departure tax came into effect on Saturday for all passengers travelling to New Zealand on Air New Zealand.


Any passenger that purchased an airline ticket after 01 July will not be required to physically pay the departure tax at the airport. However, if a ticket was purchased prior to 01 July, the passenger, from 12 years and over, will need to pay the departure tax at the airport.

“All passengers are requested to present an e-copy or physically print out of airline ticket to Customs to determine and prove that the Departure Tax has been paid. Failure to present a copy of travel ticket at the airport will result in automatic charge of $80 per passenger for departure tax, said the government notice.

Any travelling passenger that fails to comply with the Departure Tax Act 1996 is deemed to have committed an offence which may result in the suspension of air travel…. PACNEWS [/restrict]