The new anti-human trafficking law of Palau targets “kingpins” or those orchestrating international criminal conspiracies.

RPPL 11-28 steps up Palau’s campaign against all forms of human trafficking.

“The Olbiil Era Kelulau finds “that the most serious case of human trafficking and smuggling worldwide are orchestrated by, and such cases pose difficult law enforcement challenges,” the new law stated. 

The Attorney General is directed to use prosecutorial discretion and plea bargains to prioritize the prosecution of kingpins and to meet annually with the Special Prosecutor to discuss strategy and cooperation.

The new law also stated that the AG and SP have to submit every year a report to the OEK on whether they believe any kingpins are present in the country.

The report also will contain any additional resources needed to successfully apprehend and prosecute kingpins.

The new anti-human trafficking amends the past statute ‘to bring them into line with international law and to reflect the true heinousness of these crimes, as well as make clear to all interested parties the substantial steps the Republic of Palau has already taken to combat human smuggling and trafficking and to make clear the rights of all individuals not to be smuggled or trafficked.”

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