photo from Marilyn Rideb Facebook post

With the national election only 9 months away, candidates for national congress are coming out to declare their candidacy.  This is no different with Ngchesar State.  Rebecca “Becky” Sebalt Ngirmechaet declared her candidacy for the delegate of Ngchesar State today.

Rebecca “Becky” Ngirmechaet is not new to political races. In 2016, she was one of the 12 women that ran for congress, she to the Senate.

In an interview, Mrs. Becky Ngirmechaet said she had informed her people a while back her intention to run for the delegate of her State but is now formally coming out to declare her intentions.

“I am running because I would like to help my State, especially the young people by improving their opportunities to better themselves through better education opportunities.  This means I find means of helping the families improve themselves because if they have a good home, good environment, the kids will have good support, a good place to study, a good family environment to support them,” expressed Becky.

She reported that her campaign is run by young people.  “It really opens my eyes when I listen to them, hear their side, where they are coming from, their concerns.  You know this is the world for these young people and we should help support them to be better in it, to survive it better and we should listen to them.”

Asked what she sees as priority areas at the national level that she can help improve as a national lawmaker, she said that Palau already has infrastructures and services but they really need to be improved.  “We don’t need to build new schools or hospitals, we just need to improve the services,” she asserted.  “As a lawmaker, I can conduct oversight to see why the services are not improved and where does the money goes when it is appropriated and how we can help improve those services.  There’s so much that needs to be improved within the government services.”

When asked how her campaign is different from her powerful incumbent contender, Becky said that she is turning the campaign around.  “I am asking my people what do they want me to do, what do they need rather than telling them what I will do for them or what I think is good for them.  I am going to listen to them, and I will do what they ask me to do.  I can’t promise I will do this and that for you but I promise that I will do what they ask of me.  I will give them my full trust and will ask them the same,” expressed Becky Ngirmechaet.

So far two other names of people in her State have been rumored to run but she said right now, she is concentrating on her own campaign.  “It is good that people are willing to run for their States, let them come.” (L.N. Reklai)