A new non-profit organization called Palau Chinese Economic and Social Promotions Association was formed recently with the aim of fostering an economic, cultural and social relationship between Palau and China.

Businessman Jackson Henry was elected president of the new association which he said in a non-political organization composed of Chinese investors and Palauan businessmen.


Henry is quick to clarify that the association is not in any way encouraging the government to forge diplomatic ties with China.

The association has its first trade mission in China last week, where one of its discussion during its meeting with several officials focused on an airline from Shanghai that could possibly fly to Palau and cultural and tourism exchanges.

Henry said that the trip was on an invitation by the Chinese Association in Palau. He said that the delegation was composed of former President Johnson Toribiong, former Vice President Antonio Bells and Palau businessmen such as Alan Seid and Moses Uludong.

He added that the association also aims to promote Palau to high spending Chinese tourists.

He said the association wants to capitalize on Chinese interests to invest and travel in Palau.

“We can’t ignore China, there are here already,” Henry said. He said instead, Palau should encourage more investments and tourism from China which is one of the leading economies in the world.

While in China, Henry said certain provincial, city government and ministers met them.

He also explained that the mission was a “private” matter and no political issue was discussed.

Henry also said the delegation “ did not sign any agreement” on behalf of the government.

Toribiong said that there are already several Chinese investors keen on putting up businesses in Palau. [/restrict]