Seven new JICA Volunteers have been dispatched to Palau.

Four of the Volunteers are Senior Volunteers namely Yoshiharu Takahashi, who is specializing in Power Generation Technology, and Kenji Sekio, Water Supply, have been dispatched to Palau Public Utilities Corporation. The Ministry of Education, meanwhile, will be receiving Atsuko Hosokawa as a Nutritionist who will be working with the Food Service Program and Hisao Amano, a Mathematics Education Specialist who will be with the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction.

JOCVs Tsumugi Takase who specializes in Physical Education will also be working at the Koror State Government’s Sureor Gym; Shoko Suzuki will be part of the Ministry of Health’s Dental Technicians; and Yuya Kawabata is the newest Primary School Teacher at the Peleliu Elementary School.

The JICA Volunteer1 Program is one of JICA Cooperation Programs operated as part of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA).

The volunteers are trained individuals in various technical fields who aim to work for nation-building and human resource development and not only transfer technology but also heart-to-heart communication and building friendship and intimacy at the grassroots level. (PR)