FILE PHOTO. Vice President Raynold Oilouch in one of the press conferences held in 2019 at the Office of the President in Meyuns.

The new regulations for the Division of Labor have recently completed the APA process and expected to be fully implemented by this April according to press release from the Office of the Vice President.

Since the first Labor regulations was issued in 2005, no new updates of that regulation have been implemented despite number of amendments made to the Labor Act.  Such discrepancy created confusion and misinformation between employees, employers and government itself.

In an earlier report, Vice President Raynold Oilouch identified this as a priority after he assumed the Office of the Vice President creating a taskforce to review the entire process within the Labor Division and recommend needed actions to his Office.

The current newly promulgated and approved regulations were updated to fit the current laws and clarified some of the terms and languages that were unclear and open to interpretation of the Director of the Division.

Some of the changes within this new regulations include specifying situations where Director will not grant a non-resident work permit, incorporate Temporary Placement Permit to allow non-resident to work for maximum of 12 months period to earn return ticket, specify Employer’s financial requirement and ability to pay nonresident worker’s wages and return ticket, incorporate Third Party Surety for Repatriation Cost, Clarify minim wage requirements, include subcontracting agreement between businesses with a definite completion date, incorporate work permit exemption for State Government hiring skilled workers only, add Change of Status and fee changes.

According to press release from Office of Vice President, Division of Labor is renewing tools and processes within their Division in anticipation of the implementation of the new regulations which is expected to begin in April of this year. (L.N. Reklai)