A proposed measure aimed at incentivizing recycling was signed into law on Wednesday.

President Tommy Remengesau Jr. signed into law House Bill No. 10-11-1, SD1, which increases the items that are subject to deposit, fee and refund.

The bill which is now RPPL 10-31, eliminates the 32 ounce size limitation for deposit beverage considerations.

Remengesau is delighted to have enacted this new law, calling it another victory in protecting the environment.

“I thank the OEK and the EQPB, for once again ensuring the safety of not only our environment, but our people as well. This legislation will encourage more recycling and fewer health issues. This bill is in the spirit of all that we hold dear, and I thank you for taking action now,” Remengesau said in his transmittal to the OEk leaders.

The new law expands the items that can be recyclable, which will now to be most of drinking containers sold in Palau.

The president said there has been a big amount of beverage containers that end up in the landfill and dumpsites.

Recycling will help decrease the plastic rubbish on the island nation.

Remengesau said the new law will encourage residents to recycle and that the rubbish that goes to the dumpsite will be further reduced which will help the environment.

According to the Koror State government website, in 2005, 11 million aluminum cans are imported yearly including beverage containers such as plastics, and glass among others. (Bernadette Carreon)