On October 9, 2017, Mr. Vahid Beketaut was sworn in as a new police officer for the Bureau of Public Safety. The Swearing-In Ceremony took place in the Vice President and Minister of Justice’s Office, and was witnessed by BPS Acting Director Alonz, Chief Philip of the Division of Fire and Rescue, Chief Cleophas of the Division of Criminal Investigations, Acting Chief of Division of Patrol Ngiramengior, Lieutenant Ubedei of the Division of Corrections, and the family and friends of Mr. Beketaut.


Acting Director Alonz and the all the Chiefs briefed Mr. Beketaut on the nature of law enforcement work and the responsibilities that comes with the profession. “This is a 24-7 job, so it’s not an easy task, but you have to have the commitment and the passion to make it work” said, Acting Director Alonz.

Mr. Beketaut has about seven (7) years of military experience, which will serve him and the Bureau well in terms of transitioning and leadership skills. To the Acting Director and the BPS Division Chiefs, MR. Beketaut said, “I will work to the best of my ability and hopefully not let you down.”

The Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Justice, along with its Bureaus and Divisions, have been working hard to fill in the needed positions with the right people in order to provide effective law enforcement and security for our people and properties of the Republic.

Just recently, on September 11, 2017, seven officers were sworn in: five (5) officers for the Bureau of Public Safety, and two (2) officers for the Bureau of Immigration and Labor.

The entire Ministry would like to welcome all of you to the family, and hope for a smooth and efficient transition into your new profession; and further appreciate your enthusiasm and consideration. May the Force be with you all, and keep safe on the job. [/restrict]