On June 16, 2017 three new officers were sworn in to the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) thru the Office of the Vice-President and Ministry Justice. Another great day for the Ministry as Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch began the ceremony by welcoming the officers with excitement and officially welcomed the Officers to the Family of the Police Force.


Acting Director of BPS Mr. Aloysius Alonz conducted the Swear In Ceremony for Ms. Georgette Mad, Mr. Aiu Betok Andres, and Mr. James Baulechong. All three Officers expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Vice-President and Minister of Justice for his consideration of their employment with the Bureau and their pledge to uphold the law in the Republic.

Congratulation to you all and the Bureau of Public Safety looks forward to working with you and being a part of your family [/restrict]