The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to recognize the Ngara Seseb ra Ngebuked ra Ngaraard for its as­sistance this past weekend. On the morning of Saturday, February 18, 2017 members of the group visited the Belau National Hospital to donate the following food supplies: five (5) cases of chicken and five (5) sacks of rice. In addition, the Ngara Seseb ra Ngebuked ra Ngaraard also assisted with cleaning the Belau National Hospital Compound.  

[restrict] Members of the group provided clean-up services such as clearing the parking lot of debris and trimming the grass. Palau Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts, MOH Director of Hospital & Clinical Services Dr. Ngirachisau Mekoll, and several MOH employees joined the group during their clean-up session.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health and the staff as well as patrons of the Belau National Hospital, Minister Roberts would like to thank all the members of the Ngara Seseb ra Ngebuked ra Ngaraard and the Ngebuked Youth for their contribution & assistance. Ngara Seseb ra Ngebuked ra Ngaraard is a local group from Ngebuked in Ngaraard State. Its officers are Meriu Wachi (President), Beluong Ngirmekur (Vice President), and Loryann M. Temengil (Secretary/Treasurer). The Ministry of Health also recognizes Legislator-at-Large Jeff Matul and Ngebuked Legislator Sharp Sakuma for organizing the event.

Special recognition is given to Obaklechol Kuniwo Nakamura, Ebiledil Elong Nakamura, and baby Kun Nakamura for their donation to the hospital clean-up crew. Obaklechol Kuniwo Nakamura & Ebiledil Elong Nakamura donated $200 and baby Kun Nakamura donated $100 in support of the clean-up.

Thank you all for your generous contributions to the Palau Ministry of Health. [/restrict]