The Ngarameketii (Koror State traditional chiefs) accepted Alexander Merep as the new high chief Ibedul of Koror on February 22, 2022.

Reports say that Alexander Merep who held the title Rechucher-Ra-Techekii was appointed by Idid strong female members led by Ochob Katey Ngiraked as the new Ibedul and the appointment was accepted by the Ngarameketii according to custom.  Rubekulkeldeu, the Koror hamlet chiefs also gave their support and approval to the Ngarameketii’s decision to accept Alexander Merep as the new Ibedul.

Merep, the youngest brother of former Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons and Bilung Gloria Salii, was not appointed by his sister, the female counterpart of Ibedul and matriarch of Idid Clan.  He was appointed by opposing other strong women of the Idid Clan.

The appointment of Merep came after the 100 days mourning period for the former Ibedul ended.

Sources say that Bilung Gloria Salii had appointed her son Lebuu Littler who is currently holding the title Kloteraol as Ibedul but has not submitted his name yet to Ngarameketii for their approval.

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