Ngeremlengui State is holding its 10th General Election today seeking new governor and new legislators for its upcoming new 10th government.

Incumbent Governor Mary Frances Ilolang Remengesau, is running against former governor Wilson Ongos for the gubernatorial seat.  Both candidates have held the office of the governor for one term (4 years) and Ngeremlengui is deciding which one to go with again.

Nine (9) candidates are vying for six (6) seats At-Large.  These candidates include Lillian Marcil, Ebil Teblak, Davis Tamtreng, Vallary Diaz, Blas Lawrence, Bitlaol Wasisang, Hilton Hideos, Franz Ngiltii and Madraisau Recheked.

Other candidates on the ballot include Mesiwal Madlutk for Ngerutchei hamlet, Mason Iramk for Ngereklengong hamlet, Noel Ngiratmab for Ngermetengel, Elvira Franz for Ngchemesed hamlet and two running for a single seat at Imeong hamlet, Otang Tebelak and Leeboy Ngirawes.  Except for Imeong hamlet, all other candidates for four hamlets are running unopposed.

Results of on-island votes cast will be tallied after the election day.  Absentee ballots will be tallied a week after the election. (L.N. Reklai)