The long-standing incumbent governor of Ngarchelong State falls behind the gubernatorial race according to the unofficial results of the Ngarchelong State 10th General Elections which was released by the Palau Election Commission (PEC) on August 28.

A younger gubernatorial candidate, Richard Ngiratrang, who was a former police and is a newcomer in politics, lead the unofficial results by garnering 343 votes while long-time serving governor of Ngarchelong, Browny Salvador, falls behind him by 100 votes. Salvador earned a total of 243 votes out of the 593 votes casted.

According to PEC, there are 1,160 registered voters.

Ngiratrang lead the votes casted from all the hamlets except at Ngerbau where he only got 25 votes as opposed to Salvador’s 41 votes from the same hamlet.

Meanwhile, eight individuals who are emerging from the pool of candidates for the eight legislature seats are Abraham Osima, who is unopposed and had earned 110 votes for Ollei Hamlet, Jason Ngiratrang for Ngermetong hamlet who got 24 votes as opposed to Brynn Elilai Demie who got 21 votes, Dwight Ngiraibai, who is also unopposed, got 53 votes for Ngerbau, Ngirablau Sambal, also unopposed, garnered 30 votes for Iebukel, Caleb Tekriu, also unopposed, got 56 votes for Ngebei, Dorothy Ueda, running alongside Telei Dingelius, leads the race for Ngeungel by 13 votes over six, Yohei Merur also top the race for Mengellakl with 86 votes over opponent Nancy Ungilianged Renguul who earned 53 votes while Dwight Ngirchemat, who is unopposed, got 23 votes for the Ngrill hamlet.

Incumbent Governor Browny Salvador and Richard Ngiratrang won the June 29th gubernatorial primary over candidates Hayes Ngiratregd, Kyoko April and Lorenzo Ngiralmau.

After the primary, Ngiratregd, April and Ngiralmau threw their support behind candidate Ngiratrang drawing speculations that this may be the first election that the incumbent Salvador may lose in Ngarchelong.

Tally of absentee ballots for Ngarchelong will be next week where final winner of the Ngarchelong gubernatorial race will be determined. (Rhealyn C. Pojaswith LN Reklai)