Honorable Governor Ellender Ngirameketii of Ngiwal State Government congratulates and awards the very first ever Ngiwal State Scholarships to the two recipients: Mr. Tkel Rechucher is a Palau High School graduate who is now enrolled at Palau Community College majoring in liberal arts and Ms. Joanna Kumaichi is a continuing college student pursuing her master’s degree in public administration at University of Guam. Each recipient received a check for $1,000.00 each to help them with their educational expenses.


The Ngiwal State Scholarship was created by Ngiwal State Public Law No. 16-14. In helping to administer their scholarship, Ngiwal State incorporated in their law that Palau National Scholarship Board (PNSB) will be tasked to review all applications making sure that all the criteria are met; and submit the names of all the applicants making sure to identify the selected recipients to the Office of the Governor of Ngiwal State. Upon receiving the notification from the Palau National Scholarship Board, the Office of the Governor shall issue checks to the two recipients.

As such, on Thursday, the 9th of November 2017, there was a small awarding ceremony held at the Fuji Restaurant in Koror where Honorable Governor Ellender Ngirameketii, Floor Leader Russell Masayos, PNSB Vice-Chairperson Kevin Polloi and PNSB Secretary Emilia A. Katosang and the recipient/parents were present during the scholarship awarding ceremony. Honorable Governor Ngirameketii applauded the Olbiil Era Ngiwal for their efforts in supporting higher education by creating this Ngiwal State Scholarship.

He recognized the parents for supporting their children and hoped that families in Ngiwal continue to spend quality time with their children because success begins at home. Honorable Governor Ngirameketii thanked the Palau National Scholarship Board and hoped that the partnership continues in the years to come. At the same time, Floor Leader Russell Masayos recognized Governor Ngirameketii who was also very instrumental in making sure Ngiwal State Public Law No. 16-14 is signed into law and that there are two scholarships offered. PNSB Vice-Chairperson Kevin Polloi expressed that PNSB is very supportive and is willing to help other states who may be thinking of creating their state scholarships.

When the local states support their citizens, the students are likely to return and give back to their respective states knowing that they supported them. Ngiwal State Scholarship is one of the five local state scholarships that PNSB helps to administer and hopes that more states create their scholarships to support higher education.

Left to right: Admin Officer Hosea Inacio, PNSB Secretary Emilia A. Katosang, Floor Leader Russell Masayos, Mr. Warren Kumaichi (Joanna’s Father), Mr. Tkel Rechucher (Recipient), PNSB Vice-Chairperson Kevin Polloi, Ms. Olive Mellil (Tkel’s Mother) & Ms. Odeurengul, Honorable Governor Ellender Ngirameketii. [/restrict]