FL to FR: Demira R. Kumangai, UH, Hilo; Dililau L. Andreas, UOG, Guam; Cher A. Kyota, PCC, Palau; Ucheliou J. Burton, PCC, Palau; RL to RR: Yoppong Chin, UOG, Guam; Kailina M. Silas, HU, Pennsylvania USA; KmesTabelual, UH, Hilo; Chelsea O. Freese, PCC, Palau; Summer R. Saunders, UOG, Guam

As part of the company’s contributions to developing Palau’s workforce, the Board of Directors and management team of Palau National Communications Corporation have decided to invest some resources to develop PNCC’s first Summer Internship Program.

This new program lasts eight weeks from June to August, to provide a platform for high-achieving Palauan youth to experience the reality of business operations and development from the inside of one of Palau’s most dynamic corporations.  It also gives PNCC the opportunity to identify potential future candidates for employment.

On June 17,PNCC hired nine (9) impressive candidates who competed for the new paid internships.  The students that were chosen this year are enrolled in Palau Community College, University of Guam, University of Hawaii, and Harrisburg University of Science & Technology in Pennsylvania, USA.

The selected students are majoring in many different fields of study such as Biology, Liberal Arts, Administration of Justice, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Sociology, Public Administration, and Psychology.

During the summer program, each intern will get the opportunity to learn and engage in the day-to-day operations that enable PNCC to serve the community as Palau’s telecom provider.  Interns have been assigned to work in Operator Services, International Transmission Operations, Human Resources and Network Administration, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, and Customer Support.

“PNCC continues to sponsor many student interns every year through partnerships with PHS, PCC, WIOA, and PNSB,” commented PNCC CEO Leo Ben Teriong.  “This new summer internship program will provide even more opportunities for Palau’s college students to experience the excitement and challenges of the telecom industry.  It is our hope that after completing their college education, the students would return to work at PNCC” he added. (PR)