January 3, 2018 (Koror, Palau) Noel Keane, a young Palauan olympian swimmer, returns home after undergoing major surgeries to save him from life threatening injuries to his thigh from a car accident in early November on the Compact Road in Ngardmau.

Noel was a passenger in a car that plowed into metal road railing on the Compact Road. His leg was pinned under the metal rail and took almost two hours to get him out.

According to reports from his family, his leg was in danger of being amputated due to severity of his injuries.

He was medivac to Taiwan the next day after his injuries and after harrowing weeks of cleaning and surgeries to repair his bones and his torn muscles, he was able to recover the use of his leg.

His family said that it was a “miracle” to see him walking after few short weeks, attributing his quick recovery to expert medical care at Shin Kong Wu Memorial Hospital in Taiwan and Noel’s fighting spirit.

Noel is still to undergo physiotherapy but he is expected to also start his swimming training again.

Mr. and Mrs. Keane expressed their gratitude to all that supported their son’s recovery. A GoFundMe account was created after the accident by Mr. Keobel Sakuma, Noel’s uncle to help fund his medical care.

Noel Keane has been a competitive swimmer since he was a kid and has set numerous swimming records for the Republic of Palau.  He is the son of Dermot Keane and Kauderael Keane. (L.N.  Reklai)