Not all victims of the COVID-19 pandemic are people, some are animals, including dolphins, and specifically rescue dolphins at the Dolphins Pacific, a non-profit organization in Palau that house and feed dolphins that have been rescued after run-ins with commercial fishing vessels.

The park which house and train rescued dolphins makes money from tourists to feed the dolphins and manage the park.  Since the pandemic and closure of Palau’s borders, their funding source has been cut off leaving the park struggling to feed the dolphins.

President Remengesau in an appeal letter for financial support for the dolphins at Dolphins Pacific says that the Dolphin’s project at the park is “meaningful, world-renown educational and research program that brings people, especially children back to nature.”

He pleads for financial support to the park to help them maintain and keep the dolphins fed.  “Palau government has done what it can to subsidize operations but to be frank we are in a difficult financial situation ourselves.”

Palau government under CROSS Act last year, gave Dolphins Pacific $50k to help subsidize the feed and maintenance for the dolphins.

Last week, President Remengesau, then President-elect Surangel Whipps Jr.,  Alan Seid, ambassadors of United States, Japan,Taiwan and Australia visited the park to learn more about the park and its operations.

Remengesau encouraged people to contribute what they can to help keep the magnificent animals healthy until the country recovers.  To donate or learn more about how to support, he encouraged people to visit

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