Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) Senior Vice-President Tomofumi Kume, who was in Palau to conduct the annual review of the MNRET-BMR-OFCF Technical Cooperation Project for the Promotion of Giant Clam Mariculture, was able to travel to Peleliu last February 8 and see the new ice machine provided by the OFCF for the fishermen and the people of Peleliu State.


According to BMR Director Leon Remengesau, the OFCF spent $88,000 for the maintenance and repair of the ice machines in use from Kayangel, Ollei, and Ngaremlengui to Peleliu and Angaur in 2017.

The Fisheries Development Assistance for Pacific Island Nations (FDAPIN) program which is supported by the OFCF had also replaced an old unit with a new ice machine using ozone-friendly freon that costs about $55,000 in Peleliu State.

Director Remengesau said that Kume’s visit here had two purposes and that include the conduct of the annual review of the BMR/OFCF collaboration at PMDC known as the Technical Cooperation Project for the Promotion of Giant Clam Mariculture.

“The five years [of] cooperation effort is preparing the BMR to better manage a rapid sustainability of seed production as well as a more improved implementation of the national giant clam farming program as the Bureau begins to operate the new $6-Million dollar PMDC facility when it completes construction at the end of summer this year,” Remengesau said. [/restrict]