The Honorable J. Uduch Sengebau Senior, Vice President and Minister of Justice, joined global leaders in South Korea to attend the Universal Peace Summit 2023 from May 2-6, 2023.  This gathering of world leaders provided an opportunity to discuss contemporary challenges to global well-being and ways to advance a world culture of peace.  The Vice President/Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau Senior joined delegations from more than 150 countries, including heads of state, first ladies, government leaders, parliamentarians, religious leaders, media professionals, business leaders, and academics in order to explore prospects for greater regional cooperation and increased efforts toward peacebuilding.

In her speech, Vice President/Minister Senior called for the establishment of peace and stability in all nations, societies, and communities.  “The principles of peace begin with the family where we teach our children peace and love and that is the Palauan culture,” stated Vice President/Minister Senior.  The purpose of this trip was to continue dialogue on, and establish opportunities for, enhanced partnerships and leveraging resources in order to promote universal peace that extends to all nations, whether big or small island nations such as Palau.

The Peace Summit 2023 focused on a series of peacebuilding activities, arranged under the themes of mutual prosperity, interdependence, and shared universal values.  In her concluding remarks, the Honorable J. Uduch Sengebau Senior expressed her appreciation to the organizers of the Peace Summit for including Palau in these important peace dialogues.

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